First off, let me say that your body is different from my body.  My body now is different than my body used to be, too.  So dump that multivitamin you’ve been taking for the last twenty years, and do yourself a favor.  Find a good doctor who knows her supplements.  Get extensive bloodwork done at the lab, at least once a year, and maybe more often when you’re initiating a massive change to your diet.  Let the doctor recommend what your body needs at the moment and buy your supplements from a reputable source. In this country, we don’t have a specific agency devoted to the quality control of natural medicines.  Do your research.  Some natural health companies have high standards.  Others do not.  Be informed.  Once you have bought your supplements, add them in gradually to your regime according to the doctor’s priority.  Pay attention to how you feel.  If adding a supplement makes you feel better, then that’s awesome.  If it makes you feel bad, then immediately let the doctor know.  She will want to see if this is part of a natural detox process or if your body is saying Not Now, or Not at All.  Listen to her guidelines on how much to take.  With supplementation, what the bottle says may not agree with what your doctor says.  Pay attention to instructions regarding taking with or without food.  You may feel crappy if you don’t.  And again, repeat your bloodwork at least once a year.  As your body starts to heal, your needs may change.

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